Comprehensive Business Phone Systems in New York City & New Jersey

TPG-IP New York City

TPG is a unique network solutions company in New York City that approaches business communication in a different way. With over two decades of experience supporting clients and providing them with reliable business phone systems, TPG is in a prime position to serve all kinds of New York City businesses. We believe that when it comes to communication technologies, especially in day-to-day business operations, failure is simply not an option. That’s why TPG acts as your trusted and responsive partner in the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of all business communication equipment—so you can focus on running a successful business.

Responsive Troubleshooting & Network Support in NYC

One of the more frustrating occasions in the business world is when technology fails at a time when a lot depends on its success. The staff at TPG takes pride in our ability to respond as quickly as humanly possible to any technical issues that may arise in your New York City business. Whether it’s your new telephone or IP camera system, TPG technicians are extensively and continuously trained to be up-to-date with the latest technological developments. TPG’s wealth of expertise informs how we approach planning a comprehensive business communication strategy—ultimately maximizing your IT investments.

Innovative Business Phone Systems

TPG offers hosted business phone systems in New York City that unify all your various communication threads, so you’ll never lose any important leads or information in the pipeline. Our cloud-based phone systems will secure and organize your data in a way that is easily accessible. TPG also offers hybrid business telephone systems, so you can enjoy the perks of modern IP as well as a traditional telephone system.

Effective IP Camera Systems 

TPG installs and monitors state-of-the-art IP camera systems for a variety of businesses throughout New York City. With groundbreaking video management software from Digital Watchdog and expertly installed ultra-modern IP cameras, TPG is your go-to partner for advanced IP camera systems.

TPG-IP New Jersey

TPG is a veteran business communication technology company in New Jersey that does things a little differently. With more than 20 years dedicated to the continued technological well-being of our clients and providing them with reliable business communication technology, TPG is proud to work to improve the communications of New Jersey businesses. We understand that when it comes to important communications during your daily business operations, technological disruption is just not an option. TPG will act as your highly-responsive partner in the installation, upkeep, and monitoring of all business phone systems and communication technology—so you can concentrate on running your successful business in New Jersey.

Timely Business Phone Troubleshooting & Technical Support in New Jersey

There’s nothing more frustrating as a business owner than when your equipment fails to perform when you rely heavily on smooth communications. TPG’s technicians take pride in their ability to respond immediately to any issues with the communications technology in your New Jersey business. Whether it’s your new cloud-based phone system or IP camera, the knowledgeable staff at TPG are trained on the most recent developments in the field. TPG has a deep pool of knowledge that enlighten our approaches to developing a complete communication strategy for your business.

Advanced Business Phone Services

TPG provides cloud-based phone systems in New Jersey that merge all your different communications, so you won’t need to worry about missing significant leads or information. Our cloud-based phone systems will protect and organize your data so that it is readily and easily accessible at any given time. TPG also provides hybrid commercial phone systems, giving you the best of both worlds with modern IP capabilities as well as the old-style telephone system.

Efficient IP Camera Installation

TPG offers installation and technical monitoring services for advanced IP camera systems for businesses across New Jersey. With pioneering video management software from Digital Watchdog and skillfully installed IP cameras, TPG can help ensure a fully-covered security video feed.