Audio Visual Displays Over IP (AVoIP)

Hands-On Installation, Configuration, and Support for Your AV over IP (AVoIP) Needs.

Audio visual over internet protocol (AVoIP) systems allow users to deliver audio, visual, video, and other multimedia content using the internet. Here at TPG-IP, we provide and install USA-built and designed AVoIP systems for small to large businesses.

AVoIP systems support high-definition video resolutions, including 4K, providing sharp and clear visuals on screen. And with the high-quality audio distribution they offer, your customers can enjoy superior sound quality for background music or live events.

AVoIP is highly scalable, allowing businesses to add more audio and video endpoints as required without the expense of significant infrastructure changes. With nearly endless flexibility, AVoIP allows you to reconfigure your system to accommodate changes as required. Simply change the audiovisual configurations of your AVoIP devices, and you can serve high-quality audiovisual content wherever it is required. 

The Benefits of AV over IP for Your Business

Stadium Sound

AVoIP is ideal for large spaces with complex sound needs, such as stadiums. With multiple inputs and outputs and high-quality audio transmission, it becomes possible to provide a clear and immersive sound experience and superior sound quality all from one simple platform. 

AVoIP systems offer precise control over speaker placement and sound dispersion, ensuring that sound reaches all areas of the stadium, including those remote or challenging spots. And with zoning and routing capabilities, an AVoIP system can easily segment a stadium into different audio zones. This allows you to create tailored sound experiences in various seating sections, luxury suites, event spaces, and more. 

AVoIP systems are uniquely well-equipped to handle multiple audio sources, from live commentary to music and even crowd noise, providing a dynamic and adaptable audio environment.

Video Walls

A video wall is made up of multiple individual screens placed together to form a larger display area in which each screen is separately controllable, allowing you to display a single video or game across all the screens or to display different content on each screen. 

TPG-IP can supply and install AVoIP video walls ranging from 2×2 up to 16×16 screens in size. With high-quality video distribution, your AVoIP system will transmit high-definition or 4K video signals with minimal latency, ensuring that the content served on your video wall is sharp, clear, and engaging. 

AVoIP technology offers you the flexibility to create video walls in various layouts, from standard grids to artistic arrangements and irregular shapes, so you can get creative and utilize customized designs that match the specific needs and aesthetics of your business.

LED Walls

An LED wall is a single giant screen consisting of LEDs (as opposed to the multiple smaller screens that make up a video wall). 

LED walls offer an array of audiovisual configuration options and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They offer high-quality, high-definition, or 4K video distribution, and, with AVoIP systems integrating seamlessly with content management software, it is easy to control, customize, and schedule your content as required. 

AVoIP systems support real-time content updates, allowing you to change the content displayed on your LED wall instantly. So whether you want to display live event information, news updates, emergency alerts, or interactive content, an LED wall with AVoIP technology is your ideal solution. 

Controlled via iPad and Other Devices

“You need to see it to believe it,” say our happy customers.

If you’re frustrated with other audiovisual systems you’ve tried, and if you’re looking for something scalable, easy to use, and intuitive, look no further than TPG-IP. In partnership with Key Digital, we aim to simplify audiovisual content delivery and control. 

Your AVoIP system will come with centralized management software, enabling easy control and monitoring of all connected units from a single device, such as an iPad. This remote-control capability allows you to schedule content playback as required and is particularly valuable in retail environments, enabling promotions and advertisements to be prescheduled to run at specific times. 

In the event of a technical issue or emergency, remote control enables a rapid response and speedy troubleshooting, reducing downtime and minimizing disruptions to your services or events.

AVoIP Services by TPG-IP

AVoIP Installation

TPG-IP is your one-stop shop for AVoIP system design, installation, support, and more. We can assist you with every step of the process, from selection and procurement to wiring, infrastructure setup, and troubleshooting in the event of any post-installation problems. 

Our team of experienced professionals have extensive knowledge in designing, configuring, and installing AVoIP systems. Familiar with best practices, industry standards, and the latest technology trends, they are perfectly situated to help you ensure your system is fit for purpose, up to date, and reliable.

AVoIP Configuration

With an endless array of customized solutions they can offer, the TPG-IP team can assess your specific needs and tailor your AVoIP system to meet your requirements. 

We will take into account vital factors such as the size and layout of your space, the type of audio and visual content you wish to distribute, and any budget constraints to design a custom solution that works for you. 

Before we leave your premises, we will ensure everything is set up and configured as required. And if you have any problems with your system or need anything reconfigured, our friendly and experienced support staff are only a phone call away. 

AVoIP Support

The TPG-IP team can offer training for your staff on how to use and maintain your AVoIP system effectively. We can also provide ongoing support and maintenance services to address any issues that may arise in the future.

With our audiovisual support team reachable 24/7, you will enjoy absolute peace of mind knowing that your AVoIP system is in capable hands and your investment is protected. And as a full partner of Key Digital, we can reach the systems manufacturer at any time for any additional expert knowledge and support that may be required. 

AVoIP Industries We Serve

AVoIP for Sportsbooks

AVoIP technology allows for flexible content management, making it easy for sportsbooks to switch among live sports broadcasts, multiple games, odds displays, and promotional content. Sportsbooks can also customize their displays to suit customer preferences and maximize revenue opportunities.

With the benefit of real-time update capabilities, AVoIP systems also offer sportsbooks the opportunity to serve odds, scores, and statistics to customers instantly. This up-to-the-minute information on games and events enhances the betting experience and helps your customers make more informed decisions.

AVoIP for Restaurants

AVoIP systems can enhance the ambience of your establishment, creating a more immersive and enjoyable dining environment by playing background music, ambient sounds, or themed audio and visual content to match your restaurant’s concept or aesthetic.

AVoIP also enables the use of digital signage to display your menus, promotions, special offers, and even customer reviews on screens throughout the restaurant. This allows you to keep your customers informed about the latest offerings and creates upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

AVoIP for Bars

AVoIP creates an array of opportunities for your bar that can enhance the atmosphere, attract different types of clientele, and cater to various customer preferences and events. 

For example, AVoIP allows you to broadcast live sports events on large screens, attracting sports fans and creating a lively atmosphere during games, which will increase customer retention and revenue. 

With AVoIP’s ability to switch between different types of audio and visual content, you can serve live DJ performances, trivia nights, karaoke, themed music playlists, and much more with ease.  

Digital signage also allows you to display timely menus, special offers, event information, and more at the touch of a button. 

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Ready to get started with AVoIP or have further questions? The TPG-IP team is here to help and guide you through the entire process, from procurement to installation, as well as offer support with any post-installation problems. Our aim is always to provide a service that goes above and beyond your expectations. 

Contact TPG-IP to begin a no-obligation consultation about how AVoIP can help your business. 

TPG-IP Is Your Trusted Source for AVoIP

As industry-leading experts in the AVoIP space, the TPG-IP team is here to help guide and support you through the entire process of utilizing AVoIP for your business. From choosing or designing the right system for you to audiovisual installation and post-installation support, we are there for you every step of the way. We aim to exceed expectations and delight our customers every time. 

Your relationship with us begins when you contact us to discuss your needs. We will conduct a thorough assessment, enabling us to make recommendations that suit your needs, circumstances, and budget. Our skilled team gets the job done quickly and efficiently so you can start reaping the benefits of your technological investment as soon as possible. 

AVoIP Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is AVoIP?

Audio visual over internet protocol, or AVoIP, is a technology that facilitates the transmission of audio, video, and visual data over IP networks. Instead of relying on traditional dedicated audiovisual (AV) infrastructures, AVoIP uses standard networking equipment and the internet to distribute multimedia content.

The concept of video over IP is not new and encompasses everything from live or on-demand video streaming to professional video distribution from broadcast studios. However, the AVoIP trend has been growing rapidly in recent years as businesses seek greater flexibility and more cost-effective ways to transmit AV content to as many spaces as possible. 

Q: How does AVoIP work?

IP is a set of rules that determines how data is sent over the internet, and in an AVoIP system, audiovisual data is organized to conform to these rules. The data is subdivided into smaller pieces called data packets, with each packet containing a part of the original file as well as additional relevant data, and these packets are dispatched over the internet or dedicated IP network. This maintains the integrity and quality of the audiovisual material. 

Q: What businesses can benefit from AVoIP services?

Virtually any industry and type of business can potentially benefit from implementing AVoIP services. Since AVoIP is so versatile, systems can be designed and configured to serve a vast array of different needs and use cases. In other words, if your business needs to transmit audiovisual data of any kind, it can benefit from AVoIP systems. 

Educational institutions, corporate offices, health care organizations, restaurants and bars, broadcasting companies, sportsbooks, and entertainment venues are just some of the business types that we have assisted with AVoIP services. 

Q: What are the advantages of AVoIP?

AVoIP offers an efficient and streamlined approach to delivering audiovisual content, eliminating the need for extensive specialized AV infrastructure or cabling. It also offers enhanced flexibility and scalability over traditional AV systems, allowing businesses to add to, amend, or reconfigure their audiovisual displays as often as required. 

In addition, AVoIP provides reliable and high-quality audiovisual content and is able to deliver both high-definition and 4K video material. It is easy to install and can often utilize existing infrastructure, and it is highly cost-effective, secure, and able to transmit data over much greater distances than traditional AV systems. 

AVoIP is constantly evolving and developing, allowing businesses to future-proof their AV needs and build a system that will grow with them. 

Q: Does TPG-IP provide support for AVoIP installations?

Yes. TPG-IP is a leading provider of AVoIP systems to businesses in the New York and New Jersey areas. Our team of experts is on hand to assist you with not only selecting or designing the right AVoIP system for you but also installing it in your place of business, configuring it correctly, and resolving any problems that may arise. 

We pride ourselves on offering the very best in customer service and aim to exceed your expectations every time. As experts in our field, we serve you quickly and efficiently, getting it right the first time.