SIP Trunking

Consolidate your business’ channels and streamline your communications with SIP trunking.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is an application that allows you to run your phone system over the internet instead of a phone line. Trunking refers to the phone lines people use to connect to a telephone network.

SIP trunking allows you to consolidate your business communications from many different channels into one centralized location, enabling you to track everything from video calls and text messages to emails in one central dashboard..

Besides allowing you to unify your communications, SIP trunking can also help reduce the costs of business communications. Another way your benefit of SIP trunking is that this application allows for increased call capacity without the expenses associated with increasing or decreasing the number of landlines in your office. Plus, with SIP trunking you’ll never miss an important call because this technology allows you to set intelligent rules that allow you to automatically redirect landline calls to another device if you’re out of the office.

To make the switch to SIP trunking you will need an internet connection, a SIP compatible PBX, a network connection for your phones, and a VoIP phone or adaptors. Our technicians have an excellent understanding of the different hardware and software options required to make the procurement process an easy one for you, and can make informed recommendations based on our expertise. The bottom line? We’re here to help you choose the option that best fits your needs and budget.

Our skilled technicians will also help manage the installation of the SIP trunk, working efficiently to get the job done. If there are any problems, we’re here to offer support. We aim to provide a service that goes above and beyond our customers’ expectations.