4 Benefits of Installing a Hybrid Phone System in Your Business

Switch your business to a hybrid phone system to enjoy a seamless customer service experience.

Communication is the backbone of all businesses, small, medium, or large. That is why companies must invest in a telephone system that is efficient and serves them reliably. Telecommunications technology has grown exponentially over the last decade. As a result, we have unified communications technology that packages the different channels of business communication into one solution. This technology has improved communication between companies and their customers, and also boosted internal communication. Gone are the days a customer called on the landline, and the customer care had to ask the client to spell out the phone number or hang up to call on the mobile.

Today, thanks to the hybrid phone system, we can utilize all the different telephone systems and other communication channels on a single platform. Consequently, there is less time wasted to switch from one business phone system to another. Through the hybrid phone system, customer calls are now answered more promptly, and operational challenges have drastically reduced. It is good news for any business, given that 75% of customers trust phone calls to be the quickest way to get a reply from a company. This is according to a survey conducted by NewVoiceMedia. A hybrid phone system gives businesses ease of access across all the business phone systems, be it PBX, PABX, IP Phones, or VoIP.

Here are more reasons that make a hybrid phone system ideal for business communication service

1. Hybrid Phone Systems Are More Reliable

Since the hybrid phone system combines the traditional phone systems and the VoIP phone system, your business is unlikely to have extended downtime in case of challenges. When you have a hybrid system installed in your business, you do not have to worry about one of the phone systems failing as you can easily switch to another.

Say you only have the VoIP phone system installed, and one day there’s a network challenge from your ISP. Without the hybrid system, that would mean that your telephones would disconnect until the internet is back. This is not viable, as you need to be in control of your telephone system given that most business mainly comes through the phone. Installing a hybrid phone system gives you improved control over your business communication as you can reroute to any other phone system in real-time.

2. Hybrid Phone Systems Are Easy to Manage

A hybrid system is easy to configure and adjust to changes that may happen in your business. As your business grows, you may add or reduce personnel or expand to other locations. New employees would require access to the telephone system. With a hybrid system, it is easy to reconfigure as it is an on-site telephone system. Additionally, the hybrid system will require less ICT support compared to a hosted phone system.

3. International Dialing Is Made Easy

When doing business across several countries, you will face numerous challenges, especially with the internet connection and reception. If you are using a hosted phone system, you may not be able to communicate with customers who have poor internet coverage. However, a hybrid system will give you extra options that will enable you to call your clients from a local number. For most hosted phone systems, it is impossible to call a client without a strong internet connection. That is why more companies are installing hybrid phone systems to ensure their international business is not affected in areas with a poor internet connection.

4. Easy To Move When Relocating

For most companies using VoIP phone systems, it becomes an uphill task to move the system in when they have to relocate. They have to contact the ISP who may bill them extra. Additionally, you have to locate all the phone systems before planning to move. It might be daunting, especially if the installation was done years ago. With hybrid phone systems, it’s easier to move as they are not complex.

Your company must have a phone system that will boost business communication. With all the advantages of installing hybrid phone systems in your business, it is prudent that you consider the service. Having an efficient phone system will boost your sales and keep you ahead of the competition.

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