3 Benefits of Using Unified Communications in Your Company

Technology has revolutionized the way we do business, particularly when it comes to communication. Today, companies use different business communication services in their day to day operations. From phone calls, emails, SMS, fax, instant messaging, and video conferencing, business owners are spoilt for choice. However, it becomes challenging to switch from one platform to another every other time, as each customer will use his/her favorite channel to reach your business. It therefore becomes necessary to find a way to centralize all your business communication channels and bring them under one platform.

This is done through Unified Communications (UC). UC is a phone system that combines all your business communication platforms into one solution. Through Unified Communications, your business communication service is improved, and customer queries, calls, and feedback are handled under one platform. UC improves your business phone systems by integrating them into one hybrid phone system. This is solid news for your business, given that phone calls are still the top way to makes sales to your customers. Phone calls placed to companies influence consumer spending, to figures as high as $1 trillion.

Unified Communications enhances the ease of communication between a company and the customers and also among the company employees. As a result, your business communication service will peak and influence the efficiency of your business operations.

Here are the major benefits that your business stands to gain from Unified Communications.

1. Unified Communications Boosts Productivity

UC solutions enable members of your team to work closely on the same platform. This means that several employees can work on one project from their different computers and locations, and share ideas and comments and integrate them into the project. This is done without having to send the project document back and forth, interrupting workflow. As a result, business productivity is boosted as employees can pool their resources and time to deliver on a project.

Additionally, Unified Communications offers video-teleconferencing solutions that can support team video chats and texts in real-time. The flexibility brought about by UC solutions means that teams can achieve more and still work unanimously without being deterred by location. In the long run, a business that utilizes UC solutions will experience more productivity and will also help business owners expand their business network.

2. Makes Business Expansions and Operations Easy

UC solutions such as Skype for Business ensure that your expansion efforts run smoothly. For instance, when growing your business to multiple locations, UC will provide a single platform where you can communicate efficiently with your branch managers. You can also utilize Unified Communication to communicate with your business partners, local or international. Additionally, your employees can agree to put in more hours in a project while still at home or during non-work hours. Using Unified Communications, they will be able to cooperate seamlessly without having to be at the workplace physically.

3. Cuts Down on the Cost of Business Communication

Using a cloud-based phone system reduces the network provider costs. Since your employees can connect to the hosted phone system with their mobile phones, they can use the internet to make calls. As such, you will only pay for the internet as opposed to paying both your ISP and your network company. Additionally, the cost of maintenance and installation is low, and you will not require to employ ICT support to keep it running.

UC not only saves you the monthly costs but also comes in handy when you are expanding your business. Having a cloud-based phone system means that you will not have to buy expensive hardware nor install new phone systems when you are opening up a new location. You will only connect your new location to the existing phone system.

Unified Communications will greatly boost your business communication service that will lead to future profitability. If you are not utilizing UC for your phone systems, you are missing out on a lot of benefits that would easily take your business to the next level.

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