The 1 Thing Most Companies Are Missing

Almost 69% of customers find greater satisfaction in talking with a customer service agent than scrolling through a company’s FAQ page on their website or filling out at an online contact form. A FAQ page is great for listing a return policy or giving shipping options, but not for answering more complex questions. Filling out a contact form might only take a minute, but it’s not ideal for a quick resolution. If a customer is trying to reach you with a product or service complaint, that’s equivalent to about 15 minutes to them. Customers want their issues resolved 10 minutes ago.

If you are looking for business networking solutions to keep your company ahead of the customer service game, you must have an efficient phone system. Businesses that pivoted from using phone systems in favor of having everything automated online are actually having trouble maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.
When you have a decrease in customer satisfaction, this results in a decrease in customer retention. In the business communications industry, competition is tough. Everyone is looking for the next big thing to grow their customer base. Companies spend huge amounts of money on meticulously-crafted website contact forms and computer-generated automated messages. Unfortunately, most companies are completely missing a big piece of the puzzle: the person-to-person component. It’s so simple — and yet, so many companies neglect it.
People want to hear a human voice on the other end of the line. This gives your business added credibility and authenticity, which customers find reassuring. It’s often said that “people do business with people they know, like, and trust,” right? So give your business a real voice by opening communication lines between customers and customer service agents.
Business networking solutions that include a hybrid phone system using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) are highly recommended. This not only allows the customer to reach a customer service agent in a timely manner resulting in higher customer satisfaction and retention rates but provides cost-savings to you.
By using business networking solutions with VoIP technology, you can connect calls over multiple lines and without needing everyone to be under the same roof. There are significant cost-savings in hiring remote customer service agents. You can also check business networking solutions that use state-of-the-art video technology. Video is a great tool to have for company meetings and client consultations.
If you’re currently looking at increasing customer service satisfaction in your business or want more efficient business networking solutions for your company, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to set you up for success.

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