Five Ways Businesses Benefit from VoIP Systems

According to a survey conducted by NewVoiceMedia, 75% of customers rely on calling a business to receive a fast response. If your business phone system is lacking when it comes to availability and ease of access, calls like this from customers can be easily missed, leading to them seeking services elsewhere. VoIP phone system installation can help mitigate these risks and allow you to further enhance how your business communicates both internally and with outside customers.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a system that allows calls to be transmitted digitally via an internet connection. This allows for an easier phone system installation and the ability to answer calls from multiple devices. Five of the most significant benefits a VoIP system can provide include:

Lowering Costs

For both large and small businesses, VoIP system installation can help cut back on costs associated with calling. This is especially helpful for businesses that make both long-distance and international calls. Because the data is transmitted via the IP network, charges are paid once each month, with some VoIP systems even providing free services within the United States. Depending on where your calls are coming from, and how large your brand is, this can significantly cut the cost of communication and help save money that can further be invested elsewhere in the company.

Hardware and Software

The cost of hardware is also something to consider with every method of communication. While many VoIP providers will offer the latest versions of their software, some will even provide hardware to ensure you have everything you need to start making calls. Furthermore, even if the hardware isn’t provided, VoIP calls can be made from computers, tablets, and even your own smartphone.

Conferencing Options

For businesses where not everyone can be in one central office, phone conferencing is a huge benefit, one of which a VoIP system can provide. While traditional phone providers might charge extra for this feature, many VoIP systems have it included. Furthermore, conferencing can include additional features such as video options and the ability to instantly send images and videos all while staying connected to the call. This can better enable businesses to share important information and keep everyone on the same page during important projects.


With traditional phone system installation, you’re limited by where in the building you can go. For example, if you’re waiting for an important call to come in, leaving to grab lunch can put you at risk of missing it. However, if you use a VoIP system, you can quickly forward all calls to your mobile device to ensure that you can answer no matter where you are. This mobility is something to consider if you don’t want to be tied to your desk all day long.

Additional Features

VoIP phone system installation also offers additional features that make them perfect for all types of businesses. These can include virtual numbers, caller ID options, voicemail, and virtual contact lists. Additionally, some services allow you to forward voice messages and transcribe voice messages into an easy to read format which can then be sent to your email for later review. All of this comes together to create a cohesive and easy to use system that helps keep businesses one step ahead of the competition.
If your business phone system is limiting operation, consider upgrading to a system that caters to growth and innovation. VoIP phone system installation is easy and quick, enabling you to stay connected and deliver better service all around.
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