Why Calling Is Still King For Customer Service

In the digital era, many people assume that phone calls are on the way out as the preferred medium for customer interactions. Plenty of people tend to think that business phone systems are outdated and will soon be surpassed by online messaging, texts, and app-based services. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Phone systems are essential to quality customer service, often being even more important than digital forms of communication.

Phone Calls Still Rake In Cash
Phone conversations with customers are still very much a part of the sales funnel. It’s estimated that about $1 trillion in consumer spending is influenced by calls placed to businesses. While the demand for digital communication does exist among certain demographics, those with more to spend generally rely more on phones to communicate. As a result, lacking a functional phone system can be devastating for a business’s revenue.
A Personal Touch
While digital communication methods can sometimes be convenient, the prevalence of mobile phones means that almost everyone has access to calling, rather than messaging. Texts and other forms of digital communication are notorious for losing tone and creating confusing miscommunications. Instead, many customers prefer phone calls in order to hear another person’s voice on the other end, which adds a personal touch and can ease communication.
Tried And True
While many digital customer service mediums have only been around for a few years, hosted phone systems are a tried and true method of providing customer service. Installing the right phone system in your business can be a guarantee that you’ll be able to provide customer service reliably, rather than potentially having to deal with another digital system breaking down. The tried and true nature of phone-based customer service means that it will likely continue to be a primary method for business communication for many years to come.
While digital, text-based communication is rising in popularity, phone calls remain the predominant method for handling customer service interactions. Setting up your business with a phone network specifically to handle customer service could help you improve your operations overall. For more information or to set up a phone system for your business networking solutions, contact TPG Communications today.

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